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Sustainable Site - Site Features
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Sustainable site features incorporate many components that at their core embody being good neighbors, responsible citizens, and caring stewards. Among Rancho Verde’s sustainable site features are:

  • Preserving open land: the site’s open space is more than six times the City’s zoning requirement.
    Reducing traffic: locating near public transportation, providing advantageous parking for carpoolers, and promoting the use of bicycles.
  • Minimizing stormwater runoff and cost: an elegant tiered system of gravel and pervious paving, bioswales, and a central detention pond reduces impact on municipal treatment facilities and reduces the need for structures, curbing and storm sewers.
  • Brownfield redevelopment: the re-use of a former brownfield site increases the community’s asset base and brings new life to unproductive space.
  • Heat island mitigation: the site’s high albedo gravel and concrete spaces reflect light back into the atmosphere reducing Chicago’s heat island. Reductions in the urban heat island are thought to decrease peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution, and heat-related illnesses.

  • Light pollution: the site’s carefully calibrated lighting combined with a Chicago first with the use of induction lamps in public street lighting lowers overall light pollution from the site improving energy usage, lowering disruption of the ecosystem, and bringing the night sky into view.