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More. . . - Employee Participation
Additional Exterior Features
A LEED-inspired green cleaning program has changed not only the habits or the business but many of the habits of our employees. All cleaning in the building is performed by cleaning staff who have been trained in "green" cleaning. All products used at CWL are Green Seal(r) certified, or an approved equal. The purpose of the cleaning program is to minimize health risks to building occupants while keeping our ecosystem free of pollutants.
Recycling - Construction
Recycling at Rancho Verde has two components. The first is in the thoughtful use of resources during construction of the project. Over 20% of the materials used in the building’s construction were manufactured locally while more than 13% of the value of materials used came from post-consumer or post-industrial content. Additionally, 75% of the site’s construction waste was diverted from landfill.
Recycling - Work-a-day
On-going recycling efforts include both field and office staff. Each office desk has a recycling trash "combo" and there are recycling stations no more than 10 seconds walk from any desk. Space is provided to recycle paper, cardboard, metals, glass and plastic in all common areas. Also, recycling/trash sorting stations are provided in the parking area where workers return from the field and empty their trucks each day.
Windows that open allow users to bring in fresh air when the outside climate allows. In the winter, fresh air is preheated in the rooftop greenhouse — the plants help improve air quality by capturing dust and injecting oxygen into the fresh air stream. A rooftop energy recovery unit captures heating and cooling energy as it leaves the building in the form of stale exhaust air, and injects incoming fresh air. This is especially helpful in the summer when the greenhouse preheat is not needed. Each of the seven heat pumps in the building is equipped to bring fresh air directly into its building zone when cooling is needed inside and the outside air temperature and humidity is right.