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What went into the building during its construction was as carefully considered as what comes out of it now. Since the beginning of the process we have been asking questions like: from where and how far did it come? what is it made of? what is its life-cycle and what will we do with it when that is over?

  • Local and regional materials were sought throughout the building’s construction. Over 20% of the building materials used in the project were manufactured locally (within 500 miles of the site) reducing construction transportation pollution.
  • More than 13% of the value of the materials used in the construction process were from post-consumer or post-industrial content.
  • 75% of the site's construction waste was diverted from landfill.
  • Both field and office staff participate in a recycling program. Each office desk has a recycling trash "combo" and there are recycling stations no more than 10 seconds walk from any desk. Space is provided to recycle paper, cardboard, metals, glass and plastic in all common areas. Also, recycling/trash sorting stations are provided in the parking area where workers return from the field and empty their trucks each day.
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