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Four innovations in the design and operation of the Christy Webber Landscapes site at Rancho Verde speak to the dynamic nature of the project and how its impact should compound over time.

  • While striving for LEED rating on the Christy Webber Landscapes buildings, the integrated design process expanded its scope to include innovative LEED-driven features for the surrounding 9 acres of the development. Additionally, the LEED process has now spawned operational changes in the core business that will multiply the impacts going forward. Specifically: The rainwater collection system that captures water off the shop roof was spurred customer interest in finding cost-effective residential collection and distribution methods.
  • A LEED-inspired green cleaning program has changed not only the habits or the business but many of the habits of our employees. All cleaning in the building is performed by cleaning staff who have been trained in "green" cleaning. All products used at CWL are Green Seal(r) certified, or an approved equal. The purpose of the cleaning program is to minimize health risks to building occupants while keeping our ecosystem free of pollutants.
  • Because of the unique nature of the Christy Webber Landscapes buildings, we have also been host to many tour since its construction. Groups include architecture classes, school groups, business groups, and others. The foyer is equipped with an interactive LCD display where clients can learn more about the site's green features and the advantages of building green. Regular tours and a self guided tour are also available. For those who want to learn more about Rancho Verde, the website will have access to an educational video.

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