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We're like you, we like saving money AND doing so healthfully...

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“Think globally, act locally” might be a good slogan for how the new Christy Webber Landscapes site buildings work to improve indoor environmental quality. While many of the site’s features work to improve the neighborhood, the broader community, and even the planet, several systems inside and surrounding the building work to improve the daily working lives of our employees, customers, vendors, and visitors.

88% of the building space is daylit and 92% of the office area has sufficient view of the outdoors.

Through a detector on the return side of the ventilation system, the building controls continuously monitor the carbon dioxide levels and can flush the interior with outside air if necessary.

All paint, carpet, adhesives and wood products used in the building are low VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOC's impact indoor air quality and contribute to sick building syndrome, and building-related illnesses. They also affect outdoor air quality - creating smog and air pollution.
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